CALA EHC Player registration 2017-2018

Please fill out the form on the next page and submit.  Once received, we will contact you to confirm membership and provide payment and team / event details. Players under 18 years of age should complete the Youth Membership Application Form

Registration is required to ensure accurate maintenance of the Scottish Hockey (SHU) records and appropriate insurance of all members.   CEHC members will not be eligible to play in matches if they are not registered with SHU (via this registration form) or their CEHC subs are not up-to-date.   Every CEHC representative must complete a CEHC registration form annually (this includes volunteers, coaches, umpires etc) and forms for all returning members must be completed by 22nd September 2017. A prompt payment discount is available on all payments made in full by this date.

Please note that CEHC do not charge match or training fees as these are included in the annual subscription.

Applicable fees are as follows:

  2017-18 full rate 8 part SO payment
All returning senior players (National, Regional and District Leagues) £225 £30
Year 1 as senior player £180 £24
Unemployed or student £180 £24
Full International player £53 n/a
Associate/casual player - 3 matches (3s, 4s & 5s) £50 n/a
Intermediate casual player - 8 matches (3s, 4s & 5s) £110 £15
Senior (60 and over)/Veteran player £45 n/a
Indoor only £125 n/a
Indoor only (students or unemployed) £100 n/a
Training only £45 n/a
Non-player – pitch role (umpire, coach etc) - -
Non-playing – admin role - -

The applicable fee will be based on your team/training allocation as noted in the table above.   In most cases subs should be paid in full, or by standing order to ensure full payment by end April 2018; a late payment penalty of £20 will be applied to all members who have not paid the appropriate amount by 31 October 2017. For 'casual' and 'intermediate casual' members, subsequent games after the initial allocation are payable at a rate of £16.00 per game.

If you are allocated a voluntary role you can then claim a refund against your annual subscription at the end of December and April.   A copy of the Payment Request Form is available from the Forms section and should be printed and submitted to the Club Treasurer following approval by a member of the CEHC Board.

In a few cases, the annual subscription will be waived where the member carries out a significant (full year) voluntary role on behalf of the Club - this must be agreed in advance via the Management Committee.   Members should otherwise arrange to pay their annual subscription in full but can claim a refund for ad-hoc voluntary sessions.